Whether you're just getting started, or you've been in the the food processing industry your whole life we can help!

We offer:

New Facility Design - Plant Layout - Process Design - Process Improvement - Sanitary Design - Process Automation - Utility Audits - Plant ExpansionsProject ManagementCost Reduction - Downtime Reduction - Production Planning - Interim Management

New Facility Design:

We work closely with you and your team to design a new facility. (This service is usually paired with the “Project Management” Service)

  • King Kold 
  • Hearn Kirkwood
  • Paragon Foods

Plant Layout:

We work with you to design the layout of your facility to be as streamlined, and efficient as possible.

  • Creation Gardens 
  • Freshway Foods

Process Design:

We work with you to design new lines, or redesign your current production line to be as streamlined, and as efficient as possible.

  • Keany
  • King Kold 
  • Freshway Foods

Process Improvement:

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

  • Yield Loss 
  • Equipment failure 
  • Process inefficiency
  • High labor costs  

If you answered yes to any of those questions, HSM can help you improve your process to overcome those issues.

Sanitary Design:

All of the equipment here at HSM is designed specifically to be washed down and limit the potential for bacteria growth.

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Washdown design

Interim Management: 

We are here, when an immediate need for leadership arises, to get you through the situation you are in.

Process Automation:

We design process automation equipment that improves production rate. 

  • Pie Line Diverter 
  • Celery Leaf Separator
  • Bun Slicer 
  • Modular Flume  

 Utility Audits:

We examine your facility and identify any energy, or utility waste. i.e. (unneeded running water, inefficient pumps etc.) 

This service is usually accompanying other services such as “Process Improvement, or Plant Layout”


Plant Expansions:

If your company is growing, but not yet ready for a new facility, we will design an addition to your current facility that will allow you to grow in the space you already have, while making your current processes more streamlined.


Project Management:

We have managed projects as big as building a new facility, to as small as setting up a new layout for an existing line.


Cost Reduction:

We work with you to reduce labor costs, get better yield, and help improve your process to make it as cost- effective as possible.

Downtime Reduction:

We will examine your production process and eliminate any processes or direct you to process changes that will allow you to lower your down time.


Production Planning:

Production planning usually comes along with our interim management service so that we can help you be as efficient, and cost effective as possible.