JOB: HACCP & GMP Handwash Area, w/Traffic Control 

Handwashing is a critical step for compliance in a food processing facility, but, it is also time consuming and costly. An improperly laid out system will be inefficient, time consuming, and (worst of all) result in improper handwashing!

It’s hard to believe, but, an inefficient handwash process can take 5 minutes per person (Mostly waiting in line). That adds up to a lot of time! Now, multiply that by 70 people washing their hands 3 times a day. That’s nearly 20 Labor Hours in One Day!!

Laid out properly, handwashing can be reduced from 5 minutes to about 30 seconds. That’s a 15 hour labor savings per day! DOES THAT EFFECT PRODUCTIVITY?

1- Handwash Room for HACCP Compliance               

Consists of:

2- Four station sanitizing sinks w/ Automatic Faucets

60’ Stainless Traffic Flow Rail w/ Integrated Smock Hooks

Customized layout to facilitate efficient and effective handwashing 


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