JOB: Work Cell- Open Flume –


1- 12” Wide Work Cell Flume System

  • Modular pre-cut vegetable washing and dewatering system
  • 12” wide X 32’-0” long wash flume
  • C328 5HP Circulation Pump
  • With 24 x 48 ISO Flo dewatering shaker
  • Two Vector Lock Screens with 1/8” Perforations
  • Isolation Mounts and Springs


“Falling Film” Chiller


Quantity:  1

Chiller model no.:  HSM-04-02-NH3

Number of evaporators:  2                              ( 2 plates in a 4 plate tankless cabinet)

Evaporator size:  3’ x 5’

Evaporator material type and finish:  304 SS with a 2B finish

Cabinet material type and finish:  304 SS with a 2B finish

Direct Mounted to flume system


Parabolic Filter System

“Self Cleaning” Wedge wire Static Screen


150 GPM

TF-C216 2HP Pump



  • System capacity – 4,000 LBS/Hour- Diced Vegetables (no leafy product)
  • All 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary “Open Frame” design – Eliminates the use of hollow tubing structures that can become a food safety issue
  • 480V 3Phase 



Hi-Standard Machine, LLC (HSM) warranties any HSM manufactured parts found to be defective during normal intended use for a period of one year from date of manufacture. Electrical Motors, Electrical Components, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and all purchased parts are not covered under the HSM warranty but under each Specific Manufacturers own Warranty.



FOB: Delivered

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