JOB: Ultrasonic Knife Assembly – for Sandwiches and Wraps


Single Station Ultrasonic Knife Assembly for existing assembly conveyor

Consisting of:

Ultrasonic Equipment

  • Dukane 20HB120-1C 20kHz IQ-LS 1200 Watt 120V Bench Generator
  • 41S30 Probe 20kHz with Stainless Steel can, air cooling, 1/2-20 threads
  • 110-2510 1.0 to 1 20kHz Titanium Booster
  • EX-8331-00 20kHz Aluminum HD Open Probe Mount
  • FP0600H 6″ x .200″ Half Wave Guillotine
  • 200-1233-03M 3-meter Cable Assy SHV U/S to Mil Spec Connector
  • 200-1380-03M 3-meter IQ System Input Cable
  • 200-1381-03M 3-meter IQ System Output Cable
  • 721-68 20kHz Pinned Spanner Wrench
  • Mounting Frame



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