JOB:  Onion Odor – Air Scrubber


– 3500 cfm 3-stage horizontal fume scrubber for the mitigation of onion odors and enzymes

– Main body of scrubber to be fabricated from 3/8″ thick PVC

– Side access doors for filter service.

– Equipped with 18″ diameter inlet and outlet duct

– Stainless steel frame

– Scrubber supplied with magnehelic differential pressure gauge mounted and plumbed to monitor scrubber airflow performance.

– All hardware stainless steel.

– All gaskets to be PTFE joint sealant type.



3500 cfm fiberglass centrifugal fan


Ductwork and Hoods

PVC Hoods, Ductwork, Duct Fittings and Hangers Includes:

– Canopy style hoods, 36″ x 48″

– Required 18″, 14″ and 10″ PVC duct and fittings as required

– Necessary stainless steel saddle type duct hangers as required



  • Frame 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Scrubber body Type I PVC
  • Installation performed on a T&M basis

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