Custom Conveyors

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If you do a google search for “Conveyors” you will get a variety of premade conveyors that are made to pre-determined lengths and widths, and pre-determined belts that may or may not fit your needs. Trying to fit a conveyor that isn’t exactly what you need, can take up more space than is necessary, and might not even be possible if you are working with limited space.


Here at HSM we work with our clients to design and fabricate custom conveyors that fit their needs. Incline, decline, spiral, retracting, gated, z-lift, curved and many more. If you need a conveyor, then HSM has you covered. If you would like a quote or if you have any questions, you can contact us at (937) 539-3519, aclack@hi-standardmachine, or you can visit our website and submit a quote form.