Work Cell

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In today’s equipment spotlight we will be focusing on HSM’s “Work Cell” Line of equipment. You may be wondering what “Work Cell” means. “Work Cell” is a group of equipment designed to work together to improve process flow and efficiency. That is exactly what out “Work Cell” line of equipment is designed to do. With 6 pieces of custom equipment (and counting) in our “Work Cell” line, you can pick which pieces of equipment best fit your production line. If there is a piece of equipment that you need and we don’t already offer it, we will work with you closely to custom design that machine, and incorporate it in your production line.


There are currently 6 pieces of equipment that are a part of the “Work Cell” Line.

  1. Modular Flume
  2. Portion Master
  3. Metal Detector
  4. Bagging Table
  5. Fruit Prep Table
  6. Smoothtrac Modular Conveyor

Each piece of the “Work Cell” line of custom equipment, has a washdown design, and is engineered, designed, and fabricated here at HSM.


For more information you can visit our site at,  or call us at (937) 539-3519