Equipment Spotlight!!!

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Equipment Spotlight!!!



In this week’s equipment spot light, we are going to be focusing on our “SmoothTrac” Transfer Conveyors. When you are trying to move your product from one conveyor to another without disturbing or damaging your product, the one common obstacle that you have to face, is a rough transfer between the two conveyors. With HSM’s line of “SmoothTrac” Transfer Conveyors, you are able to smoothly transfer your product without complications.


Pictured is a 24” Wide x 14” Long SmoothTrac Transfer

Unit, with a 304 stainless steel, balanced flat seat wire mesh belt.

Also Pictured is a 6” wide x 12” long and a 12’’ wide x 12’’ long SmoothTrac transfer unit with a M0870 Habasit Modular Plastic Belt


For more information about our SmoothTrac Transfer Conveyors, and to get a quote visit our equipment page

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