Ultrasonic Knife

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Ultrasonic Knife

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Are you making Grab and Go sandwiches or wraps? Are your employees struggling to cut your sandwiches/wraps cleanly while keeping up with the speed of the rest of the line? You are not alone! Cutting through sandwiches/wraps has never been quick and easy, even when you have a sharp knife. Typically, you get to choose two of these three options. QUALITY, QUANTITY, COST EFFECTIVE. If you want to produce a higher QUANTITY of product, and you want it to be COST EFFECTIVE, your QUALITY will suffer. If you want High QUALITY and high QUANTITY, your solution isn’t going to be COST EFFECTIVE. But there is good news! Here at Hi-Standard Machine LLC we have a solution that can get you high QUALITY, high QUANTITY, and is COST EFFECTIVE.

To manually cut your product, you would need two workers to keep up with the Ultrasonic Knife. Our Ultrasonic Knife (costing roughly $18,000) will pay for its self in 6 months to a year. Once you are using the Ultrasonic Knife, you will be able to relocate the workers that you were using to cut your product to another part of your process and make better use of their time and labor. With labor cost reduction, ease of operation, increase of throughput, and a high-quality outcome, the Ultrasonic Knife is a must have upgrade to any “Grab and Go” production line.

Our Ultrasonic Knife is custom designed to cleanly slice through your Sandwiches, and Wraps. The sanitary design and the ability to cut (without deforming or tearing) through your product gives you the chance to optimize your throughput, and maximize your quality, while maintaining a safe and clean work environment. The Ultrasonic Knife was designed as an integral part of HSM’s “Grab and Go” system. Our “Grab and Go” system is a fully customizable (beginning to end) line made up of high-quality equipment designed for your specific production needs.